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FrankFootball has now merged with the website TwoGuysFantasy. Don’t worry you will still get all the same great stories, rankings, and game picks from FrankFootball it will just be on a brand new site. You can always view the archived site here. Also please update your RSS Feeds to this address Thank you for [...]

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The NFL does a great job of building up a buzz around all 32 NFL teams. In fact the NFL does an even better job of building up so called truths around the game that the average fan takes as gospel. Ironically, some of these things couldn’t be further from the truth. Today we shed [...]

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Heads Up: 4 Reasons Why The NFL Will Never Be The Same

It’s been a wild off season so far. Bounties, lawsuits, and suicides have made us look at the game we love so dearly in a different light. The talk of concussions and/or head related injuries changing the game is already the elephant in the room when it comes to player safety. However, there are a [...]

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Why Mike Mayock kicks a$$ – 10 Things to know about the NFL Draft

The 2012 draft is in the books. Let’s talk about how it will affect the league for the upcoming season. Everyone was a winner. The idea that the draft pundits (Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, etc) can actually grade a draft less than a few hours after it happens is pure folly. Right now every team [...]

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Feeling A Draft? – 2 Guys discuss how the 2012 NFL draft will affect fantasy football

With the NFL draft right around the corner 2 Guys get serious about breaking who will be taken and where. 2 Guys examine the quarterback position and how many should be taken in the first round. 2 Guys also discuss how the young class of running backs and wide receivers will affect the fantasy landscape [...]

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After Luck, Then What? – 2 Guys Mock Draft

2 Guys Fantasy Mock Draft


1Indianapolis ColtsAndrew LuckQBStanfordHe would have been drafted ahead of Cam Newton last year

2Washington RedskinsRobert Griffin IIIQBBaylorAs physically-gifted a sign…

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Why Bill Parcells Should Say No to the Saints & 10 Things about the NFL’s busy off season

It’s been a wild off season in the NFL so far. Here are 10 things to keep an eye on heading into the season. The countdown on Rex Ryan’s job has begun. When the Jets acquired Tim Tebow from Denver they just set the current coaching staff up for a huge fall. If the Tim [...]

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Is Peyton still elite? 2 Guys talk about where Peyton will land, the art of the bounty, and Randy Moss

The biggest free agent that the NFL has ever seen is officially on the market. 2 Guys speculate about where former Colt Peyton Manning will land and how big an impact he will make in fantasy football in 2012. 2 Guys also discuss the ethics behind bounties and how the scandal with the Saints affects [...]

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Is RG3 a top 10 fantasy QB? – 2 Guys discuss the combine, Peyton, and fantasy football in 2012

With the buzz surrounding the recently completed combine and discussions concerning Peyton Manning’s new team the NFL proves that there is no off season. 2 Guys talk about Robert Griffin III’s outstanding combine performance and how he and Andrew Luck will factor into the fantasy landscape in 2012. 2 Guys also discuss standout running backs [...]

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Not Another Boring Super Bowl Recap: 10 things to remember about the 2011 season

Rather than rehash the Super Bowl, I thought I’d do what I did last year, and talk about 10 of the most interesting stories that took place during the 2011 season. Enjoy. Victor Cruz proves scouting is still an inexact science. How many teams could use an explosive slot receiver who also plays on the [...]

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