September 2011

May 26, 20112 Comments


Tiki Barber has done it again. For the second time this year the former Giant running back has managed to make headlines. Of course, by now you know about Barber’s announcement to return to the NFL in 2011. However, if you haven’t heard, his latest announcement is just as shocking but this time for all [...]

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May 26, 2011No Comments

Two Guys talk about Ray Lewis, increased crime, Plax, J.T. Thomas’s heart and the NBA Playoffs

This week two guys talk about Ray Lewis and the validity of his prediction of increased crime without an NFL season, Plaxico Burress’s new team, and the kind heart of J.T. Thomas.
Two guys also discuss the value of helping of others, aging NFL r…

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May 19, 2011No Comments

Two Guys discuss a possible late start to the 2011 season, VY to the Eagles, and 1 second Bull Rides

This week two guys discuss the potential of the 2011 season starting on time, Ocho Cinco’s very brief bull ride, and the Chargers possibly moving to L.A. 2 guys also talk about why Vince Young to the Eagles makes sense and why Reggie Bush’s about face on his latest tweets maybe too little, too late. [...]

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May 13, 2011No Comments

Ring Hollow: Are Peyton and Brady done winning titles?

In a recent podcast I brought up an interesting point. What if Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are done winning titles? Every year we count the Colts and Patriots in as contenders just because of the guys they have lining up under center. However, recent history shows that a younger crop of QBs maybe ready [...]

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May 7, 2011No Comments

Incomplete:  The 5 NFL teams who should not receive a draft grade

We have had just over a week to digest the 2011 NFL draft and fans of teams like the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, and the Washington Redskins should not yet jump to conclusions.  If you are like me, after the draft is complete, you rush to read every draft recap you can, both to [...]

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May 4, 2011No Comments

Two Guys talk about why 49ers and Ravens fans should be happy, Madden Curses, and Strange Tweets

This week Two Guys talk about the teams that had the most success in the 2011 draft as well as some of the head scratching picks that were made in the first round. Two guys also talk about why Peyton Hillis no longer has any fantasy value, Rashard Mendenhall’s strange tweets, and the temporary reversal [...]

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