Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

October 19, 2011No Comments

Week 6 was another wild week in the NFL.

Where does your team rank?

Check out the week 7 power rankings!

11Packers6 - 0 It was just another day at the office for the Packers as they dismantled the hapless Rams in Week 6. Up next, the equally dysfunctional Vikings.
23Ravens4 - 1The Ravens came out rolling after the bye and handed the Texans their 2nd straight loss. Right now the Ravens appear to be the class of the AFC North.
35Patriots5 - 1 Brady engineers another last minute drive. What else is new? How about the Pats defense actually showing some teeth? Scary thought for other AFC teams.
4649ers5 - 1The 49ers are 3 - 0 on the road this year. Alex Smith is a candidate for come back player of the year. And Jim Harbaugh has a very strong handshake.
52Lions5 - 1The Lions are still a playoff team but the short week and recent comeback victories caught up to them against the 49ers.
613Buccaneers4 - 2The Buccaneers looked awful against the 49ers in Week 5 but after beating the Saints in week 6 they are 2 - 0 in the NFC South and lead the division.
78Chargers4 - 1Chargers come off of their bye to face the Jets. Let's see if their fast start continues.
89Steelers4 - 2Unimpressive win against Jacksonville shows team knows how to win games it should but they will need to improve to beat the AFC's elite teams (Ravens, Patriots)
910Raiders4 - 2Acquisition of Carson Palmer shows that the Raiders are all in for 2011.
104Saints4 - 2After a 3 game road trip the Saints get a bye in week 7 as the Colts visit on Sunday night.

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