Week 16 NFL Game Picks

December 22, 20112 Comments

Ravens over Browns (+13)
The Ravens get back on track against the Browns keep a lock the AFC's #2 seed.
Texans over Colts (+6)
Texans win this one but it will be a lot and I mean a lot closer than they want it to be.
Broncos(-3) over Bills
Tebow Mania invades Buffalo this week and walks out with the victory.
Lions(-2.5) over Chargers
Megatron and Stafford clinch their first playoff spot since 1999 and knock the Bolts out of the playoffs in the process.
Last Week: 1 - 3 (2 - 2 vs spread)
2011 Season: 37 - 23 (30 - 26 - 4 vs spread)
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2 comments to “Week 16 NFL Game Picks”

  1. Sally | December 30, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Came on jets let’s have a big win over the Miami dolphins and keep our playoff hopes alive
    to do this mark Sanchez needs to pass the ball to our ball carriers such as :
    Shonne green

    Also Sanchez needs to look for. Plax in the endzone Plax was wide open in the endzone and he threw the ball to santonio who had 2 defenders on him where if he threw it to plAx he could have made an easy catch and into the endzone for a touchdown for the new york jets

    If Sanchez has a big. Win over the Miami dolphins that will change everyone’s thoughts about mark Sanchez

    Revis also has to have a big game
    He needs to intercept the ball and or force the awfence to fumble or he could keep sacking the quarterback

    Also now that we don’t control our own destiny we need to go out there and play a fantastic game of football
    But most importantly we need. To hope for the best to get into the playoffs

    Win of lose lets go out on that field play a competitive game of football and have a fun time and when our offseason comes I guess that’s just how it was meant to be

  2. Sally | December 30, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Come on new york jets lets go out there and have a bug time blowout against Miami

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