Why Mike Mayock kicks a$$ – 10 Things to know about the NFL Draft

May 2, 2012No Comments

The 2012 draft is in the books. Let’s talk about how it will affect the league for the upcoming season.

  • Everyone was a winner.
    • The idea that the draft pundits (Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, etc) can actually grade a draft less than a few hours after it happens is pure folly. Right now every team feels like they won in the draft and why shouldn’t they? It’s kind of like the theory of Schrödinger’s Cat. For you non-geeks out there it’s the idea that everyone’s a winner until proven otherwise and until they are proven otherwise they are a winner. Make sense? No? Well it makes about as much since as grading a team’s draft before any players take the field.
  • RG3 will be successful in Washington.
    • Despite the enormous pressure on Robert Griffin III and the ridiculous amount of hype around him I think he will do fine with the Redskins. I don’t know if he’ll explode on the scene quite like Cam Newton but he’ll show flashes of greatness that will give the downtrodden Redskins fan base reason to hope. Griffin is just one of those guys who gets it. He knows the pressure is on and he is going to work his tail off to make sure he is a success. In other words, he’s going to make Mike Shanahan look good again.
  • Rookie salary cap has made the draft fun again.
    • The rookie salary helped deliver one of the most exciting first rounds in history. 8 trades were made and you could feel the tension as teams maneuvered up and down the draft board to get the players they wanted most. It was like watching a massive chess game except it was a lot more fun.
  • Mike Mayock know his sh*t.
    • No disrespect to Mel Kiper but I’ve come to really like Mike Mayock’s draft analysis and breakdown. I wouldn’t say he knows any more about the players than Kiper does, but his delivery is mixed with a thoughtfulness and humility that Kiper won’t ever approach. Bottom line, as long as Mayock is on NFL Network I’ll be watching the draft there.
  • Fantasy Football was affected by the draft.
    • Think it wasn’t? How many Legarrette Blount owners in keeper leagues groaned when the Bucs traded up for Doug Martin in the first round. The same for Ahmad Bradshaw owners who know that his production might dip with the selection of David Wilson. The draft also gave us some potential fantasy sleepers like Michael Floyd to the Arizona Cardinals and Reuben Randle to the Giants.
  • Miami Dolphins shouldn’t rush Tannehill.
    • The Dolphins haven’t had a star at QB since Dan Marino and they hope Ryan Tannehill can be the next marquee guy under center. The only problem is the Dolphins haven’t done a very good job of developing draft picks in recent years and they didn’t give Tannehill a whole lot of weapons in the draft. That being said, Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman could make this move look great if they can develop Tannehill into a solid starter. The biggest key will be to resist the urge to play him before his ready because that could damage his growth.
  • Who will be Victor Cruz in 2012?
    • There is going to be some undrafted free agent that takes the league by storm. Who will it be? Recent history tell us it will be a person you’ve never heard of so you’ll just have to wait and see. But you know it’s going to happen. That’s what makes the NFL so special.
  • The average NFL career is less than 4 years.
    • Nobody wants to think about that as the young draftees hug the commissioner and shake his hand. But the reality is most of the young men drafted won’t ever see more than this first contract. Here’s to hoping the young men manage their money and friends well so that when the ride is over they have something to show for it.
  • Referring to the commissioner as RG1 was ludicrous, but funny.
    • I love Michael Irvin. I am a proud Alum from the U. But I can’t support Michael Irvin referring to the commissioner as RG1. That being said it was totally hilarious and just showed how nicknames can be abused if left in the wrong hands.
  • Andrew Luck got drafted and disappeared.
    • Maybe it’s the microwave society we live in today but it seems like after Andrew Luck was drafted he just disappeared. Now don’t get me wrong he got plenty of attention leading up to the draft and such, but the media seemed to be much more interested in RG3, Brandon Weeden, or Kirk Cousins for that matter. I guess the idea that Luck was going to Colts killed all the buzz around his post-draft story. Oh well, we’ll hear plenty from him once the season starts.

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