Superbowl XLV: Change Gone Come

January 25, 20115 Comments

No Manning. No Brady.

It’s Rodgers and Roethlisberger.

For the first time in a long time the quarterback pecking order has undergone a major paradigm shift.

The idea that a quarterback must play within the confines of the pocket has been shattered by these two young quarterbacks who have their teams on the cusp of reaching immortality.

This was the year of the mobile quarterback. Michael Vick certainly stole the show early and Big Ben and Aaron Rodgers have followed through to put their respective stamp on the season.

If you’re in doubt about the transition think about this.

Tom Brady has lost 3 straight playoffs games. Brady has fallen to the Giants, Ravens, and Jets in that in order. What is troubling about all of Brady’s losses is that his mobility or lack thereof has been a factor in New England’s recent postseason struggles.

I’m not saying Brady won’t win any more championships but what I am saying is his achilles heel has been exposed and without solid protection he won’t be winning many more postseason games.

On the flip side look at Aaron Rodger’s last three games. Wins over Philly, Atlanta, and Chicago in that order. All those teams attempted to pressure Rodgers and he was able to escape and make plays down field. Green Bay’s offensive line is solid but not spectacular but Rodgers can compensate for their weaknesses with his mobility.

I’m not saying Rodgers and Roethlisberger are better than Brady and Manning, but right now they are playing the position at a new level that is more representative of where the NFL is going while Brady and Manning play it like what the NFL was.

Just know that when you watch Superbowl XLV Big Ben and Aaron Rodgers are now the new standard for an NFL quarterback.

What do you think?

Is Superbowl XLV a sign of what successful QBs will be in the future?

Share your thoughts here.

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