Shady but True: Osi not a Top 5 Defensive End

June 18, 20112 Comments

Osi is good, but not that good.

News has been slow amidst the NFL lockout so you’ve probably heard about the Twitter war that erupted between Lesean ‘Shady’ McCoy and Osi Umenyiora a couple of days ago.

Anyway if you didn’t bother to click on the link above here is a paraphrased version of the story. Osi filed an affidavit claiming the New York Giants management reneged on a promise to renegotiate his contract. After the news broke an unprovoked Lesean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles tweeted that Osi was soft and only the third best defensive lineman of his team.

Now while I question McCoy’s sanity in saying that kind of thing when he has to face Osi and the Giants twice a year I do not question his logic.

In my opinion, Osi has always been considered an elite pass rusher but only because of his speed. He doesn’t have any great power moves nor does he have a great spin move, which can limit his effectiveness at times.

Even though Osi tied an NFL record with 10 forced fumbles last year he still disappeared at critical points in games because of the fact that he gets up field too fast and just gets pushed out of the play.

Osi is mad at the Giants because they are not paying him like a top 5 defensive end but I applaud the Giants for sticking to their guns and realizing that he is not in that category.

Speaking of top five, here are ten defensive ends that are better all around players than the disgruntled Umenyiora.

10 Defensive Ends Better Than Osi

Justin TuckSees more double teams and is dominant against the run.
Jared Allen2010 wasn't a great year but still one of the best off the edge.
Dwight FreeneySpin move is still unblockable.
Mario WilliamsGood against the pass and the run.
Demarcus WareJust as good as Osi at forcing QB fumbles.
Will SmithUnheralded at times but watch him on tape. He makes plays.
Julius PeppersHe made the Bears defense relevant again, nuff said.
Cameron WakePower and speed combination might be among the best in the league.
Trent ColeUndersized but never gets outworked.
Darnell DockettA force that can rush the passer from any position on the defensive line.

Think Osi belongs above any of the guys in this list?

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2 comments to “Shady but True: Osi not a Top 5 Defensive End”

  1. So, this means that what McCoy twitted in response to the action of Osi about his affidavit for the New York Giants, is true and correct? The Giants make the right move about the compensation for Osi because he is not actually included in the top defensive lineman in the team? Poor Osi..

  2. Yeah, I’ve already heard about the lockout. Is this one of the reason, the cancellation of game, why Osi and McCoy had a twitter war? lol. It’s ok to have war in the virtual world, no one;s gonna hurt physically, only morally and emotionally. But, I think this two are deeper and heavier than the wounds in your fight, because when you are hurt physically, the wounds will just heal, but when the heart, pride, dignity or moral will be touched, that is another sure story.

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