Are the Eagles Number One? 2011 Preseason Power Rankings

July 31, 20118 Comments

The 2011 offseason has been like no other.

Signings are happening at an alarming rate and teams are making franchise changing decisions in the process.

Certainly the Eagles and Patriots have been among the top of the news as far free agent activity but the biggest question is how will all these moves affect the balance of power in the NFL?

Well my friend, that’s what Power Rankings are for. Enjoy the 2011 Preseason Power Rankings.

1PackersAaron Rodgers is just entering is his prime and they are the defending Superbowl Champs.
2PatriotsGetting Haynesworth and Ochocinco show that New England is going for broke in 2011.
3EaglesEagles have made all the right moves so far (Asomough, Jenkins, Babin) now they need to get D-Jax back in the fold.
4SteelersSteelers should be better with Big Ben being available for the whole season in 2011.
5JetsThey lost out on Asomough but made a splash by keeping Holmes and acquiring Plaxico Burress.
6RavensRavens are getting older on defense (Reed, Lewis) but still should be near the top.
7FalconsAtlanta will go as far Matt Ryan can take them.
8SaintsDrew Brees is still one of the best but the Saints need more consistency on defense in 2011.
9ColtsMajor questions still surround Peyton Manning and recovery from recent neck surgery.
10BearsCutler will have to play better in big games for Chicago to be great.

8 comments to “Are the Eagles Number One? 2011 Preseason Power Rankings”

  1. Yeah..I like the Eagles team, but I also favor other teams here, which are included in this rankings that are also making changes for the 2011 season, like the Steelers and the Saints.

  2. It will affect the game. Rich team gets nice players. It seems unfair to low market teams.

  3. This is good, teams are all busy getting back for the season. Lockout season is all over and all are busy getting the action back! All of the teams, like Eagles are busy repacking back their contracts an other things that need to be settled.

  4. mike minnesota | August 6, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    What about the vikings? I do think the vikings are getting very underestimated

  5. Professional Athletes David | August 8, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    The Eagles are on the roll this season since they have been busy signing on players and then making franchises for the team. They definitely on the top news since there are many free agent activities on their team. I hope they come up with a better line up and definitely place this season.

  6. The roster will tell who’s stronger. I hope the there’s balance in the game so that it will be fun to watch.

  7. I think maybe are asking also this kind question after seeing the statistics and scores of this team in today’s season play-offs. As what we have seen on the lists, I think there are other teams here that are almost in line with the Philadelphia Eagles team.

  8. I think there are qualities that makes the Philadelphia Eagles qualifies as the # 1 in the 2011 Preseason Power Rankings. Just look at those stats, incredible! compared to the other team posted..

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