Matt Ryan

November 29, 2011No Comments

Bengals Playoff Bound? 10 Things about Week 12 in the NFL

Here goes the run down for Week 12: Cincinnati will make the playoffs. After watching some of the Bengals 23 – 20 victory over the Browns yesterday, I started realizing that Cincinnati looks an awful lot like a playoff team. Their defense is tough, the running game is solid, and the QB can make big [...]

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October 4, 2011No Comments

Quite Frankly: 10 Things about Week 4 in the NFL

Here goes the run down for Week 4: Jim Harbaugh is an early candidate for coach of the year. Remember when the experts laughed at Jim Harbaugh when he said Alex Smith was his starting quarterback? Granted the season’s not over yet, but through 4 games Alex Smith has completed 67% of his passes and [...]

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September 27, 2010No Comments

Sunday Night Quarterback

Week 3 was exciting if not all together confusing. But hey, I love watching a good train wreck…

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August 5, 2010No Comments

2010 NFC South Preview

The Saints are the champs.

The Falcons, Panthers, and Buccaneers want to make sure they don’t repeat.

That maybe easier said than done.

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