Monday Night QB

January 18, 2011No Comments

Monday Night QB: Divisional Round Wrap up

4 teams left. Both the number ones seeds went down but the two sixth seeds remain. This is the new NFL where being hot trumps all conventional logic. See how it all played out in the Divisional Round Wrap up…

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January 11, 2011No Comments

Monday Night QB: Wild Card Wrap-up

4 games down. 4 more next weekend. Read on to find out why wild card weekend fully lived up to its name.

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January 4, 2011No Comments

Week 17: Monday Night QB

Well the regular season is officially over. The playoffs match ups are set and they begin this weekend. Get the playoff 411 in the regular season finale of Monday Night QB…

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December 28, 2010No Comments

Week 16: Monday Night QB – Late Edition

It’s Week 16. The Packers and Saints are surging. The Giants are in free fall and the Colts are still the Colts. Read more in Monday Night QB…

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December 21, 2010No Comments

Week 15: Monday Night QB

Week 15 produced a number of exciting finishes and surprising results. However, when the dust cleared the contenders emerged victorious while the pretenders flaws were exposed for all the world to see…

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December 14, 2010No Comments

Week 14: Monday Night Quarterback

Week 14. The contenders have emerged and the pretenders have starting making vacation plans. With only three games to go it’s gonna be quite finish..

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December 7, 2010No Comments

Week 13: Monday Night Quarterback

Week 13 had plenty of surprises. But more importantly we got a chance to see the contenders take a step closer to the playoffs while the pretenders watched their postseason hopes teeter dangerously close to the edge…

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November 30, 2010One Comment

Week 12: Monday Night Quarterback

It’s Week 12 and the playoff picture is starting to come into focus. I can’t make out all the teams just yet but after Sunday it’s pretty clear which teams are already looking forward to the 2011 season.

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November 23, 2010No Comments

Week 11: Monday Night Quarterback

Week 11. The Cream is starting to rise. But not too high. Just enough to let you think you know what’s going on…

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November 16, 2010No Comments

Monday Night QB: Week 10 Edition

Week 10 was just like the other weeks. A lot of teams we thought were good lost and a few teams who we thought were bad or played much better than expected. Par for the course I suppose…

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